Managed Hosting & Domains

All service and support requests, including custom DNS requests, should be sent directly to 3Cstudio. Thus, the term Managed. If your organization uses only one or none of these services, some or all of this information will not apply to you.

Managed Domain Services

3Cstudio no longer manages domains on the behalf of clients. 3Cstudio has been managing domains for clients (as mostly just a convenience to the client) since the turn of the century. Over the duration of 2021, 3Cstudio began the process of transferring all Managed Domains to the domain owners directly. It just makes better sense to have clients be the true Owner/Registrant of their own domain(s).

Managed Hosting Services

2021 also brought about a massive change in Managed Hosting from 3Cstudio. All sites that are managed directly by 3Cstudio are now with a single host named Siteground. It was not an easy decision to migrate from 10+ years of faithful service and support that was provided by Agathon Group, but it became clearer in that year that everyone involved would be better served by a move to Siteground.

Let’s talk about your hosting needs — please feel free to contact 3Cstudio.