Managed Hosting

At 3Cstudio, managed hosting is provided by way of Siteground.
Their highly rated hosting solutions, and WordPress-centric features, make for a solid relationship.

Managed Hosting

All service and support requests, including custom DNS Entries, should be sent directly to 3Cstudio. Thus, the term Managed. If your organization uses only one or none of the following services, some or all of this information will not apply to you.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting from 3Cstudio includes: twice-monthly (or more) Updates to all WordPress components, such as Plugins, Add-ons, Themes, and WordPress itself. Managed WordPress Hosting is $240/yr. *Mailboxes are available for free if you do not have email setup through an outside provider such as Google or Outlook.

WordPress Maintenance

If a client already has an established WordPress hosting solution place, but would like to have their site(s) Updated like the Managed WordPress Hosting sites, 3Cstudio offers a WordPress Maintenance option for $180/yr. *Multi-site reduced rates are available.