The information below is family history generated by my father, Cecil Colthorp, on behalf of my mother Bernita (Jain) Colthorp’s family.

I hope to continue to add to this list of links as my father relays his decades of collected information to me. -Steve

Phelps-Jain and Manbeck-Good

Jain-Good family tree (21 page PDF download)

Jain Family Tree

The following is a compilation of my father’s poster boards that he has mapped out over the years on behalf of the Jain family. They are separated according to my mom Bernita’s grandparents’ children. There are 9 separate PDF downloads:

Introduction to the Jain family chart (7 page PDF)

Emile and Mary (13 page PDF)

Rudolphe and Alice (9 page PDF)

Louise and Adelia (5 page PDF)

John and Clara (includes Bernita’s parents & their 11 children – 16 page PDF)

Mary and John (2 page PDF)

Ferdinand and Margaret (6 page PDF)

William and Mary (5 page PDF)

Anna and Frank (single page PDF)