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WordPress 4.0 Thoughts

Slick. That’s a fitting single word descriptor for 4 point Oh. Some of the highlights: a scrollable grid of images and document thumbnails in the Media section editing area that fits your viewable screen area and scrolls with you easier visual / search / installation features in the plugin directory lots of performance enhancements and … Read More

WordPress 3.9 is out!

The latest version of WordPress has a great number of new features and updates/upgrades to elements of the site functions. Please read up if you are interested in knowing more, and how these new features can potentially benefit your site!

WordPress is now 3.2… Hurray!

Yep, it’s true… If you need to upgrade, by all means Man! (and Woman!) Do so. Either within your control panel access if you’ve been granted admin rights, or have your web personnel do so for your organization. More info can be found at re: this fantastic Fourth o’ July release. Enjoy!