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2022 begins a new managed hosting era

Over the course of the year 2021, I began the process of migrating all managed hosting WordPress sites from a company named Agathon Group to a host named Siteground, where I was hosting a few simple WordPress sites already. I set an end date goal of January 1, 2022 to be fully migrated (websites and … Read More

Domain management and you

I am nearing the end of the process of migrating 120+ domain names out of my control/management and into the hands/ownership of their respective owners. This is being done for a number of reasons…. 1. old practice: this was a service/convenience I offered to early web clients — it was much easier for me to … Read More

SSL for All

The almighty Google has been saying for some time now that, beginning in July of 2018, they would be flagging sites without the https:// designation as “Unsafe”. What is HTTPS? People see this https:// designation (and a corresponding padlock icon, often) in their Address bar of their chosen browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) when they … Read More

Hosting just got… solider.

I know, I know… that title hurt the grammarian within me severely, but it is the best way to describe what happened overnight. In layman’s terms, the sites all moved from a standard server setup using regular hard drives (SATA) to solid state drives (SSD). If you know anything about hard drives, a SSD is … Read More

“My email finally went through!”

As of Thursday, March 13, all mail providers were showing as having lifted their block of mail from the 3Cstudio mail server. Finally, Yahoo!Mail (and all its underlings/affiliates such as: SBC Global, Ameritech, Yahoo!SmallBiz, etc.) relented and lifted their block after I remained persistent with a tech I received 3 different responses (all of which … Read More

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