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Update on William’s Health

If you want to follow along as we head into the last few treatments (yay!), William has a Facebook page at: Thanks for your understanding and flexibility. -Steve

My son William

On the Fourth of July, our son William had a belly ache — turned out to be a mass in his abdomen. Two days later, the tumor was removed. The good news was that its cancer was contained, from all appearances and testing. The bad news was that he needed to begin a 43 week … Read More

What Is Responsive Design?

There are comprehensive posts and wiki articles explaining the topic of “responsive design”, so I’ll simply sum it up by saying: Responsive design makes sure your website is viewable / readable on whatever device or screen size the site visitor is using. I have found that most WordPress themes these days come responsive “out of … Read More

Slideshows and Carousels

Recently, my foundational theme from WP Startbox began alerting all child themes that its integrated slideshow was going to go “bye-bye”, and that I should buy-buy a great replacement that they recommend named Soliloquy. But Startbox’s creator, Brian (@rzen), suggested I first consider this presentation when it came time to replace a slider or carousel: … Read More

Christmas in July?

It is for me/3Cstudio . . . just getting a new site up and rolling! So, pardon the lengthy gap between this post and the latest posts behind it. :-/ Someone has been neglectful of his own website! Reminds me of the old fable about the cobbler with children running in the streets barefoot. But … Read More

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