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“My email finally went through!”

As of Thursday, March 13, all mail providers were showing as having lifted their block of mail from the 3Cstudio mail server. Finally, Yahoo!Mail (and all its underlings/affiliates such as: SBC Global, Ameritech, Yahoo!SmallBiz, etc.) relented and lifted their block after I remained persistent with a tech I received 3 different responses (all of which … Read More

“My email is down”… because we’ve been hacked

Today, it was discovered, after 3 days of issues, that the reason the cloud was so sluggish was due to a single email address’s password being cracked by spammers. So, the entire network was bogged down, and the mailserver had to be taken offline, due to a backlog of 80,000+ spam messages queued and ready … Read More

Thunderbird update

Mozilla’s popular mail client (that replaces email programs the equivalent of Outlook) just rolled out a newly enhanced version. Why this is noteworthy is due to the fact that it seems to have skipped a version — the previous version available was 3.1x — this new version is 5.0 . . . so it appears … Read More

Just say “No” to chain mails and the Forward button

My mom relayed an email Forward to me because it sounded too good to be true and she wanted to know what I thought about it… and naturally it was too good to be true. I was glad she did (without CC:ing “all of her closest friends”) so that we could continue our ongoing process … Read More