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SSL for All

The almighty Google has been saying for some time now that, beginning in July of 2018, they would be flagging sites without the https:// designation as “Unsafe”. What is HTTPS? People see this https:// designation (and a corresponding padlock icon, often) in their Address bar of their chosen browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) when they … Read More

responsive menus

Much has been made of in recent years of responsive design, as I noted in a past post. In order for sites to function well and be easily navigated by the ever-increasing number (growing daily!) of mobile and tablet internet users, responsive design has sought to address many of the issues encountered by those users … Read More

What Is Responsive Design?

There are comprehensive posts and wiki articles explaining the topic of “responsive design”, so I’ll simply sum it up by saying: Responsive design makes sure your website is viewable / readable on whatever device or screen size the site visitor is using. I have found that most WordPress themes these days come responsive “out of … Read More

The “above the fold” concept is dead

I had to think through this concept recently with a client. While I believe it is good-intentioned, the entire idea stems from the newspaper industry, and the internet has long left print formatting in the dust…. some aspects of print remain, such as: content is king, ‘headlines’ should be most prominently displayed, and text is … Read More

Header background images – now you see it…

Continuing in the spirit of documentation begun in the previous post… I was having an issue with only 1 browser (Safari) not showing the background image for the website: — the gold tagline top-right. It was showing up just fine in all the other browsers I tested. I found a forum post from someone … Read More

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