Just say “No” to chain mails and the Forward button

My mom relayed an email Forward to me because it sounded too good to be true and she wanted to know what I thought about it… and naturally it was too good to be true. I was glad she did (without CC:ing “all of her closest friends”) so that we could continue our ongoing process … Read More

www design… soon to be a thing of the past?

There have been a few spats between bloggers and developers near/dear to the issue of whether the web designer/developer should fear the end of their occupation as they know it. With the advent of increasing mobile device access, along with the rush to provide mobile device users with a slew of new ad content for … Read More

Hi (again), Peeps.

The 3Cstudio blog has been revived… It will remain named “On Point”. A rename of “On Dot” was considered, since a). web development is all about ‘dots’ (dot-com, etc.), and b). there is a giant blue Dot in the 3Cstudio logo (as a veiled reference to the dot-com industry), but the term ‘point’ didn’t ring … Read More

What is the trend in browser usage?

Looks as though Firefox and Internet Explorer remain neck-n-neck in the browser domination category… with a score of browsers attempting to carve out a small-but-growing niche for themselves.

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