Thunderbird update

Mozilla’s popular mail client (that replaces email programs the equivalent of Outlook) just rolled out a newly enhanced version. Why this is noteworthy is due to the fact that it seems to have skipped a version — the previous version available was 3.1x — this new version is 5.0 . . . so it appears … Read More

Firefox 4 – yay! Default settings – boo!

The latest version of Firefox (v.4) had some quirks in its default setup, most notably for me being the loss of saved tabs — previously, the browser would (upon Quit or shut-down) allow me to choose to Save Tabs for restart/reopen, or choose to allow them to go by the wayside and start fresh… with … Read More

Examples of Adobe being ridiculous

Okay, I use a Mac for everything I do. That said, I have some outdated software and hardware because I don’t have spare $s for such things to be updated all the time, especially at Adobe’s pricing rates.

Thunderbird is a solid mail client

… and it just got even better! Latest update/upgrade: If you are using T-bird, please update to this latest version. If you are still using Microsoft Outlook, please consider “breaking free” of it and trying something better! 😀

Google and Microsoft are at it again

Why aren’t there enough billions of $s to go around? We’ll see how this fight plays out in the coming days… my guess is that it will blow over and both parties (and others) will continue to do espionage on each others’ practices, technologies, inner dealings, partnerships, prospective takeovers…. and the like. Might as well … Read More

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