Author: stevec

www design… soon to be a thing of the past?

There have been a few spats between bloggers and developers near/dear to the issue of whether the web designer/developer should fear the end of their occupation as they know it. With the advent of increasing mobile device access, along with the rush to provide mobile device users with a slew of new ad content for … Read More

Hi (again), Peeps.

The 3Cstudio blog has been revived… It will remain named “On Point”. A rename of “On Dot” was considered, since a). web development is all about ‘dots’ (dot-com, etc.), and b). there is a giant blue Dot in the 3Cstudio logo (as a veiled reference to the dot-com industry), but the term ‘point’ didn’t ring … Read More

What is the trend in browser usage?

Looks as though Firefox and Internet Explorer remain neck-n-neck in the browser domination category… with a score of browsers attempting to carve out a small-but-growing niche for themselves.

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