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Pool Boy Lesson Learned

In my “second job”, I recently encountered a green, murky pool after a spell of hot & rainy weather. It was a battle getting it back. Come to find out, our cyanuric acid levels were 3+ times higher than they should be. Apparently cyanuric levels (which acts as a conditioner / chlorine stabilizer) need to … Read More

Slideshows now to be Soliloquy

Clients with sliders/slideshows present on their WordPress site from 3Cstudio will notice a gradual change-out of their old method for having slideshows present on their site. The old method, which was part and parcel of the start-base theme from WP Startbox, no longer going to be a part of Startbox, in favor of an outside … Read More

wp Startbox

Brian Richards (@rzen) has developed a contender in the area of what I like to refer to as a ‘foundational’ theme — a WordPress starting point of sorts — on After looking over its structure and configuration, I plan to use it almost exclusively for a starting point reference when beginning new WordPress site … Read More

WordPress is now 3.2… Hurray!

Yep, it’s true… If you need to upgrade, by all means Man! (and Woman!) Do so. Either within your control panel access if you’ve been granted admin rights, or have your web personnel do so for your organization. More info can be found at re: this fantastic Fourth o’ July release. Enjoy!

A peek at social networking’s impact

There’s no denying it — social media & networking is definitely here to stay. But what role it will play in the business world continues to evolve, and remains to be seen.

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