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Migrating from to .org hosting

I am transferring a site/blog from to its own hosting server and into a environment. I’ve done a few of these transfers (or “migrations”?) for clients & friends over the years, and it appears there are always new/better ways to tackle various parts of the process. So here is my most recent experience … Read More

Slideshows and Carousels

Recently, my foundational theme from WP Startbox began alerting all child themes that its integrated slideshow was going to go “bye-bye”, and that I should buy-buy a great replacement that they recommend named Soliloquy. But Startbox’s creator, Brian (@rzen), suggested I first consider this presentation when it came time to replace a slider or carousel: … Read More

Dreamhost’s free hosting to nonprofits

1992 movie, Mo’ Money, had a soundtrack of “The Best Things In Life Are Free,” sung by Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson. And yes, knowing that dates me — I was a junior in college, ironically not knowing anything about the web… email included. In this instance, I’d say there should be a song title, … Read More

Christmas in July?

It is for me/3Cstudio . . . just getting a new site up and rolling! So, pardon the lengthy gap between this post and the latest posts behind it. :-/ Someone has been neglectful of his own website! Reminds me of the old fable about the cobbler with children running in the streets barefoot. But … Read More

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