Author: stevec

“My email finally went through!”

As of Thursday, March 13, all mail providers were showing as having lifted their block of mail from the 3Cstudio mail server. Finally, Yahoo!Mail (and all its underlings/affiliates such as: SBC Global, Ameritech, Yahoo!SmallBiz, etc.) relented and lifted their block after I remained persistent with a tech I received 3 different responses (all of which … Read More

“My email is down”… because we’ve been hacked

Today, it was discovered, after 3 days of issues, that the reason the cloud was so sluggish was due to a single email address’s password being cracked by spammers. So, the entire network was bogged down, and the mailserver had to be taken offline, due to a backlog of 80,000+ spam messages queued and ready … Read More

The “above the fold” concept is dead

I had to think through this concept recently with a client. While I believe it is good-intentioned, the entire idea stems from the newspaper industry, and the internet has long left print formatting in the dust…. some aspects of print remain, such as: content is king, ‘headlines’ should be most prominently displayed, and text is … Read More

Header background images – now you see it…

Continuing in the spirit of documentation begun in the previous post… I was having an issue with only 1 browser (Safari) not showing the background image for the website: — the gold tagline top-right. It was showing up just fine in all the other browsers I tested. I found a forum post from someone … Read More

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