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Hi, I’m Steve. I’m self-employed and love it (most days). I enjoy having the flexibility to be able to be there for family and friends while maintaining a full workload. When no humans are present, our two felines — Wesley and Buttercup (if you don’t know what movie those names come from, I’m likely to call you Humperdink!) — help keep me company. Sadly, Wesley passed away (going on 15 human years!) in early 2018. That leaves only Buttercup to be curious about 2 new additions — Nori and Millie Joy — two hamsters my kiddos obtained shortly after Wesley’s passing.

I’ve been a designer-turning-developer for well over a decade now. I have tackled print and web projects for small to medium-large businesses and organizations. It’s a great worldwide web we use these days, and much of the print world has migrated to online content… and I followed that trend. Around the turn of the century, I began to do more and more with web stuff, to the point that now ~90% of what I do is online.

At 3Cstudio, I (and a few independent cohorts I have on speed-dial) make websites using WordPress. WordPress is considered a content management system (CMS). A CMS allows people to have as little or as much involvement with their own site as they so choose. If you’re still unsure of what a CMS is, feel free to read up and ask questions if you wish to know more.

Along that line, if you are interested in learning more about WordPress and what it could potentially do for you, your company & organization, or your super-hero legion, check out:… you will be glad you did! Or, it may sound like a lot of jargonese. In either case, feel free to connect with 3Cstudio if you have interest in seeing what we can do for your organization, or if you simply want some jargon put in layman’s terms. 😀