predatory domain name renewal solicitations

A number of you have reported receiving official-looking “Final Notices” email from some entity with a fax number listed as a California or New York state area code. It is filled with phrases such as:

  • this is your final notice of domain listing (mix of terms meant to confuse)
  • time to register and save (though their quoted prices are astronomical!?)
  • offer’s expiration date (not the domain’s expiration date)
  • may result in the cancellation of this offer (again, not the cancellation of the domain)
  • making it difficult for your customers to locate you on the web (impossible, as your domain remains intact whether you take them up on their offer or not!)

… so, as you can see, there are numerous conflicting phrases and terms that make this simply a scare tactic, in which the scammers seek to obtain either the control of the domain itself or lock you into an expensive renewal setup under their “management”. And, to top it all off, some domains are showing to not need renewal for as many as 4 years yet!

If such domain requests/suggestions appear in your Inbox, please waste no time in marking it as Spam or Junk. If you are a managed domain client of 3Cstudio, rest assured that I will send you a renewal notification directly, and it will be a fraction of what this fraudulent notification is suggesting to be a ‘good deal.’ If you have questions, do not hesitate to connect with me or forward the solicitation to decide whether it is legitimately a concern or not.