“My email finally went through!”

As of Thursday, March 13, all mail providers were showing as having lifted their block of mail from the 3Cstudio mail server. Finally, Yahoo!Mail (and all its underlings/affiliates such as: SBC Global, Ameritech, Yahoo!SmallBiz, etc.) relented and lifted their block after I remained persistent with a tech I received 3 different responses (all of which were “canned”) and was able to submit ‘properly’ a form that was geared toward bulk-mailers (?) that seemed to make all the difference, even though its auto-response came back to me as “we’ve determined that you don’t meet the criteria for lifting the block on your mail server.”

So, again — apologies for this major snag in email over the past 2 weeks. As I mentioned in previous email and posts, I will be connecting with some of you to encourage a). stronger passwords, b). addition of spam-filtering software ($1.50/mo. per address), and c). any other email security measures that might be available to you within your organization/system. In doing so, hopefully we can get as much safety measures in place to avoid a similar situation in the future for all within the 3Cstudio hosting family.

Sometimes that thing you think will never happen to you (in our case single spyware instance taking down an entire mail server setup) are the things to plan against!