Slideshows now to be Soliloquy

Clients with sliders/slideshows present on their WordPress site from 3Cstudio will notice a gradual change-out of their old method for having slideshows present on their site. The old method, which was part and parcel of the start-base theme from WP Startbox, no longer going to be a part of Startbox, in favor of an outside plugin — that is where Soliloquy comes in. Soliloquy has a number of extra features and functions that the discontinued Slideshows portion of Startbox wouldn’t be able to offer.

So, suffice it to say, if your site contains a slideshow of some sort, it may be gradually migrated over to Soliloquy in the coming weeks before Startbox moves to a version that no longer sustains the old Slideshow function. While Soliloquy is a paid feature (similar to Backup Buddy last year), I’ve not added any fees to clients who require it.