Examples of Adobe being ridiculous

Okay, I use a Mac for everything I do.

That said, I have some outdated software and hardware because I don’t have spare $s for such things to be updated all the time, especially at Adobe’s pricing rates.

Example: Hardware
My wife uses my old laptop (while mine is getting old as well!) — just recently it stopped showing any Adobe Flash files online. The reason? Adobe no longer makes their software comply/support Apple’s PowerPC lineup. So, Flash games & news videos and so forth are right out for her — which is the majority of what she uses the thing for in the first place.

Example: Software
With a recent update to the Mac OSX software that runs my computer, Adobe decided not to release an update patch for some popular vector art software — Macromedia (whom they bought-out-the-competition on!) Freehand in an obvious effort to kill the application off in favor of their (inferior, IMHO!) application, Illustrator. After a long/loud stink raised by Freehand users everywhere, Adobe quietly released a patch over a month later.

It’s sad when giant firms such as Adobe start to squash competition and push an agenda… looks like I need to figure out another method for allowing my wife to get on the “free” internet and make use of the many “free” and wonderful Flash-based features it offers. Too bad Adobe is forcing me to spend money on stuff (and it isn’t even their products I’m buying!) just to enjoy all this “free” stuff!