What is the trend in browser usage?

browser iconsLooks as though Firefox and Internet Explorer remain neck-n-neck in the browser domination category… with a score of browsers attempting to carve out a small-but-growing niche for themselves.

Google Chrome seems to be showing the most growth by growing a percentage point per month, while Firefox has been hovering around 46-47% for eons… which means that users are “leaking” from the various versions of Internet Explorer, which seems to be dwindling.

So, those are statistical observations… on a personal and work level, Internet Explorer has been a complete dog for people such as myself attempting to do proper web development. Plus, unlike the other browsers which are truly cross-platform, I cannot use my Mac to natively test and tryout site developments in IE. Additionally, it is hit/miss on security issues and seems to really help propagate all sorts of issues with viruses and malware “offers” and other security breaches to the PC (and networks, oftentimes) using it.

If you can, I highly recommend “migrating” your web browsing to Firefox (shameless plug)! It will import all your current browser’s settings and bookmarks.