Hi (again), Peeps.

3Cstudio logoThe 3Cstudio blog has been revived… It will remain named “On Point”. A rename of “On Dot” was considered, since a). web development is all about ‘dots’ (dot-com, etc.), and b). there is a giant blue Dot in the 3Cstudio logo (as a veiled reference to the dot-com industry), but the term ‘point’ didn’t ring as legit.

This blog will also serve as a WordPress testing ground, so it may look strange at times, but just know that it is a work in progress. 🙂 Feel free to subscribe to its RSS feed — many of the things noted here will translate into features and uses for client developments and content management system (CMS) usage. This post is “sticky”, so it will remain at the top of the entries of new posts as an introduction to the rest of the blog… scroll to view the latest posts below.

So, that’s the scoop! Feel free to ‘Leave a comment’ below for questions and general concerns.

Steve Colthorp, 3Cstudio