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WordPress 5.0

Back in early December 2018, WordPress quietly rolled out WordPress 5.0 with the long-discussed major shift in Editor (code-named “Gutenberg”). Though some people — judging by Comment threads and forum posts — were rather apprehensive, I found that the process of Upgrading was quick and painless, especially if I installed the Classic Editor Plugin first. […]

SSL for All

The almighty Google has been saying for some time now that, beginning in July of 2018, they would be flagging sites without the https:// designation as “Unsafe”. What is HTTPS? People see this https:// designation (and a corresponding padlock icon, often) in their Address bar of their chosen browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) when they […]

Mobile Friendly websites

Google subtly began giving responsive websites / mobile-friendly sites preferential treatment last year… Is your site mobile-friendly and/or responsive? Statistics show that more than half of internet viewers are using a mobile device to browse/view websites, and that number continues to grow. Connect if you want to know more or feel that your site is […]

Update on William’s Health

If you want to follow along as we head into the last few treatments (yay!), William has a Facebook page at: Thanks for your understanding and flexibility. -Steve

My son William

On the Fourth of July, our son William had a belly ache — turned out to be a mass in his abdomen. Two days later, the tumor was removed. The good news was that its cancer was contained, from all appearances and testing. The bad news was that he needed to begin a 43 week […]