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      Q: "So What Do You Do?"
      A: "We help trauma centers achieve verified, efficient, world-class operations."

      This is Trauma Ready in a nutshell. Are you trauma ready?
      "We build and manage legacy gift programs for Christian nonprofits."
      Service: What We Do -
      A portal for social media, a Flowerland Recommends section, Flowerland Plant Finder, the Flowerland Radio Show, GreenThumb segments on WZZM-13, and all-things "yardening".
    • Jay Hidalgo
      A clean, crisp site to convey Jay’s mission: to help people become better at what they do, in how they relate, in how they work, in how they live.
      A site to showcase Jennifer's art, along with embroidery and writing, in the area of handcrafted journals, books and albums.
      The Bengtson Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, under the deft leadership of Dr. Brad Bengtson, serves patients from North America & Europe with safe, quality surgical and non-surgical cosmetic solutions and unique specialty services.
    • Vampire Blog
      The Vampire Blog posts "on books, manga, pop culture, movies of all sorts, and reviews/essays about the vampires movies I’ve seen." - from the author

responsive menus

Much has been made of in recent years of responsive design, as I noted in a past post. In order for sites to function well and be easily navigated by the ever-increasing number (growing daily!) of mobile and tablet internet users, responsive design has sought to address many of the issues encountered by those users […]

predatory domain name renewal solicitations

A number of you have reported receiving official-looking “Final Notices” email from some entity with a fax number listed as a California or New York state area code. It is filled with phrases such as: this is your final notice of domain listing (mix of terms meant to confuse) time to register and save (though […]

What Is Responsive Design?

There are comprehensive posts and wiki articles explaining the topic of “responsive design”, so I’ll simply sum it up by saying: Responsive design makes sure your website is viewable / readable on whatever device or screen size the site visitor is using. I have found that most WordPress themes these days come responsive “out of […]

WordPress 4.0 Thoughts

Slick. That’s a fitting single word descriptor for 4 point Oh. Some of the highlights: a scrollable grid of images and document thumbnails in the Media section editing area that fits your viewable screen area and scrolls with you easier visual / search / installation features in the plugin directory lots of performance enhancements and […]

What does WordPress 3.9 offer?

Check out this infographic for more info on WP3.9: source: Cloudways