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      Q: "So What Do You Do?"
      A: "We help trauma centers achieve verified, efficient, world-class operations."

      This is Trauma Ready in a nutshell. Are you trauma ready?
      "We build and manage legacy gift programs for Christian nonprofits."
      Service: What We Do -
      A portal for social media, a Flowerland Recommends section, Flowerland Plant Finder, the Flowerland Radio Show, GreenThumb segments on WZZM-13, and all-things "yardening".
    • Jay Hidalgo
      A clean, crisp site to convey Jay’s mission: to help people become better at what they do, in how they relate, in how they work, in how they live.
      A site to showcase Jennifer's art, along with embroidery and writing, in the area of handcrafted journals, books and albums.
      The Bengtson Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, under the deft leadership of Dr. Brad Bengtson, serves patients from North America & Europe with safe, quality surgical and non-surgical cosmetic solutions and unique specialty services.
    • Vampire Blog
      The Vampire Blog posts "on books, manga, pop culture, movies of all sorts, and reviews/essays about the vampires movies I’ve seen." - from the author

What does WordPress 3.9 offer?

Check out this infographic for more info on WP3.9: source: Cloudways

Hosting just got… solider.

I know, I know… that title hurt the grammarian within me severely, but it is the best way to describe what happened overnight. In layman’s terms, the sites all moved from a standard server setup using regular hard drives (SATA) to solid state drives (SSD). If you know anything about hard drives, a SSD is […]

WordPress 3.9 is out!

The latest version of WordPress has a great number of new features and updates/upgrades to elements of the site functions. Please read up if you are interested in knowing more, and how these new features can potentially benefit your site!

“My email finally went through!”

As of Thursday, March 13, all mail providers were showing as having lifted their block of mail from the 3Cstudio mail server. Finally, Yahoo!Mail (and all its underlings/affiliates such as: SBC Global, Ameritech, Yahoo!SmallBiz, etc.) relented and lifted their block after I remained persistent with a tech I received 3 different responses (all of which […]

“My email isn’t going through”… because we’ve been blacklisted

To recap, Friday February 28, the mail server was compromised for all domains that have their email through 3Cstudio. Read the full story here. At first, it appeared as if only was considering mail to their mailservers as spam and blacklisting our mailserver, because that was the only entity sending back immediate block notifications. […]